Intern Summer School

Providing your interns with access to professional development opportunities and training is a tangible way to show you are invested in their growth. This summer The Council Foundation will be offering a series of online instructor-led courses and weekly resource toolkits designed to help your interns develop and enhance their professional skills and knowledge of the industry.

Beginning the first week in June, two developmental tracks will be offered. Firms may choose to participate in either or both offerings.

Track 1: Industry Overview
The goal of this 6-week course is to provide interns a better understanding of the commercial insurance brokerage value chain, exploring each set of roles and activities that a firm performs in order to deliver insurance products and services to their clients. This course consists of one live webinar each week and supplemental resources where applicable to reinforce the learnings.

Topics include: industry overview, broker/carrier relations, risk transfer, emerging players and government regulations.

Track 2: Professional Skills
Essential professional skills young professionals need to succeed in their internship and beyond. This 8-week course consists of a weekly kit of online resources and tools to help further develop their skillset in each focus area. In addition, there will be three 60-minute live webinars focused on Networking, Personal Brand, and Generations in the Workplace.

Topics include: professionalism, networking, personal brand, working with other generations, emotional intelligence and personal effectiveness.

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Internship Toolkit

This curated collection of articles, videos, templates and best practices is designed to help Council member firms build and/or enhance sustainable processes that support their efforts to recruit and develop talent.

The toolkit consists of the following modules:

Module 1: Getting Buy-in

In this learning module, you will understand the steps and tools you need to attain buy-in from your leadership team to launch an Internship Program.

Module 2: Program Development and Implementation

In this module, you will understand the process of recruiting internship candidates, determine a plan for onboarding and managing the intern, and develop an internship curriculum of projects and professional development activities.

Module 3: Program Evaluation and Measurement

In this module, you will understand how to evaluate internship program goals and outcomes, and structure and  components.

Use of these tools will help build knowledge, sharpen skills and enhance the attitudes and abilities of both the member firm and their interns. The tools may be used as a full curriculum for members that are just getting their feet wet with their internship programs, or unbundled and used as supplements to an existing or well-established internship program.

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