Producer Job Applicants: Will they prospect for new business? Find out BEFORE you hire them!

The Council and Behavioral Sciences Research Press, Inc. (BSRP) are working together to offer Council members a pre-employment assessment to identify applicants that may talk a good game during the interview, but may not prospect for new business and make sales calls once you hire them. The assessment can also be used to identify Sales Call Reluctance® in existing sales staff including producers, sales managers and sales trainers.

According to BSRP, an organization that has researched sales professionals and sales organizations for more than 35 years, “The most successful sales managers understand that the secret to selling more in any industry begins with recruiting and hiring top sales people who will, in fact, sell.  Sounds like a given, but extensive research has shown that the vast majority of sales people struggle with a bone-shaking fear of initiating first contact with potential buyers – better known as “cold-calling” or “prospecting.” That’s right, most sales people stumble in the first step of the selling process resulting in fewer contacts made, and consequently, fewer sales. This fear is defined as sales call reluctance®.”

The assessment, called the Sales Preference Questionnaire™ (SPQ* Gold®), is used to measure the presence, nature and extent of sales call reluctance® and to identify the kind of reluctance from among 12 recognized types. Some of these types are so severe and resistant to correction you’ll want to back away from the candidate immediately.

Recognized Sales Call Reluctance® types:

  • Doomsayer
  • Yielder
  • Over-Preparation
  • Role Rejection
  • Hyper-Pro
  • Social Self-Consciousness
  • Stage Fright
  • Referral Aversion
  • Separationist
  • Telephobia
  • Emotionally Unemancipated
  • Oppositional Reflex

The SPQ* Gold ® assessment is administered online and the cost per assessment is $265. Onsite workshops are available if your existing sales staff shows lower-than-desired prospecting activity and you’d like increase their prospecting volume.

To get started using the SPQ* Gold ® assessment and/or for workshop information, contact Julia Ruiz at 202.662.4309 or For additional information on Behavioral Sciences Research Press, Inc. please visit