Keep Competitive with Comprehensive Industry Compensation Data


Track producer pay & production:

  • Assess the competitiveness of your Producer revenue results
  • Assess your Producer talent (i.e. how do my top Producers stack up
    against the industry?)

Manage annual budgets/year-end compensation process:

  • Manage compensation spending on a functional and business-wide
    basis using the most current data
  • Project salary budgets and develop accruals for incentives
  • Determine relative importance of various compensation features (i.e.
    salary versus cash bonus versus long-term awards)

Drive recruiting & retention:

  • Have access to the latest market intelligence on both pay and pay
  • Review strengths and weaknesses of your organization’s
    compensation strategy
  • Compare your organization’s market position relative to competitive
    compensation levels
  • Identify compensation opportunities to chart career paths


To learn more about the survey and participate, contact Ryan Bowers at or 203.388.3571,  or Kaitlyn Isley at or 203.602.1202