Diversity, Equity & Inclusivity should be a goal for every company, but it’s not often an easy thing to accomplish

Commercial brokerage is a people business, and there’s nothing more important to our firms than creating a more diverse workforce and cultivating a culture of inclusivity. We understand the value Diversity, Equity & Inclusivity (DE&I) brings to our businesses; it’s critical for attracting and retaining the best talent, creating a culture of innovation and decision-making and helping us to better serve our clients.

Managers and employees will gain understanding of DE&I through webinars, readings, videos & podcasts as well as assessments in this resource center.

National African American Insurance Association (NAAIA)

NAAIA is the premier organization for African American insurance industry professionals seeking to establish a meaningful network with peers and executives. The association currently has 17 chapters across the nation and its members represent every sector of the industry. Pooling this wealth of talent contributes significantly to the association and its members through the sharing of professional knowledge, information and experiences.

The Council is proud to support NAAIA and its mission as an annual partner.



Dive In Festival

Dive In (next held September 2021) is a global movement in the insurance sector to support the development of inclusive workplace cultures. Its mission is to enable people to achieve their potential by raising awareness of the business case and promoting positive action for diversity in all its forms. Since its birth in 2015, Dive In has grown exponentially, reaching global heights with events taking place in over 60 cities across 32 countries world-wide, attracting more than 10,000 people.

Watch The Council’s 2020 session:



From Leader’s Edge Magazine


It’s Never Overt: A conversation with ABD vice president Ivoree Reinaldo about what it’s like to be black in insurance and how to be intentional in combatting systemic racism