Art Director

Madeline Pahr is The Council’s art director. She started her career in the Hurst Publication Building in New York City, working in the art department for the fashion magazine Harper’s Bazaar. She then had a brief stint in advertising before started her own creative agency in 2012. Darrell has worked on branding, communications and art direction with national and international clients including Ann Taylor, Royal Dutch Shell Gasoline, Tiffany & Co., the Washington Nationals and Hilton Hotels to name a few.

When not working, Madeline has a real zest for adventure. She has trudged over a glacier on a journey across Iceland, ridden camels in Morocco, sailed through the Virgin Islands and developed a palette for wine while living abroad in France (but mostly the inexpensive kind).

First job: Mucking stalls at a barn making $5.25 an hour. It was below minimum wage, but I was 12, happy and felt like a real mogul.

Favorite beverage: I really like water. Tap water. No ice. Room temperature. No frills.

If I were to retire tomorrow, I would… I wouldn’t retire, I like working.