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Latest Updates

January 6, 2020 – Annual Deadline Extended: NY Cyber Rule Certifications of Compliance Now Due April 15

NYDFS has extended the annual deadline for filing Certifications of Compliance with its cybersecurity regulation to April 15.

December 20, 2019 – HHS Releases Final Rule on Oversight and “Integrity” of State-Based Exchanges

HHS issued a final rule that aims to strengthen oversight of state-based exchanges and ensure accurate eligibility determinations for premium subsidies.

December 20, 2019 – Federal Healthcare Reform and Drug Pricing Tracker

Our legal team at Steptoe & Johnson is tracking healthcare reform bills as they are introduced in the 116th Congress. The tracker is updated as of December 20.

December 18, 2019 – Trump Administration Releases Two Proposals to Provide Pathways for Drug Importation

The FDA released two proposals that would offer additional avenues through which drugs could be imported into the United States and sold at lower prices in the U.S. market.

December 10, 2019 – House Committee Convenes Hearing on Universal Healthcare Proposals

The House Energy and Commerce Subcommittee on Health held a hearing to discuss nine proposals aimed at expanding health insurance coverage across the country.