Marcus Langford-Thomas
Meetings | Nov. 10, 2020 202.350.5866   Last book read: Behold a Pale Horse by Milton William Cooper Favorite food: Seafood Favorite beverage: Moonshine/scotch Favorite place to travel: Panama and California Favorite DC landmark: National Arboretum

Katie Lesemann
Meetings | Jan. 17, 2019 202.662.4439 Katie Lesemann, CMP, is the director, meetings focusing on the development and coordination of The Council’s educational and networking events, member working groups and virtual trainings. A native

Molly Jacob
Meetings | Mar. 3, 2017 202.783.4400 Molly Jacob is the director, events and the executive assistant to the CEO. She joined The Council in 2016 and is responsible for organizing and running all internal

Paula J. Staley
Meetings | Mar. 3, 2017 202.662.4425 Paula J. Staley, CMP, is senior vice president of meetings. She’s responsible for overseeing the management and operations of the meetings department, which plans and executes all key