Zach West
Leader's Edge Magazine | Oct. 4, 2018 202.662.4303 Zachary West is content specialist for Leader’s Edge magazine. He performs research for and drafts the monthly Emerging Trends newsletters and assists with the management and production of

Zach Ewell
Leader's Edge Magazine | Sep. 10, 2018 202.662.4433 Zach Ewell is The Council’s content & marketing associate, supporting Leader’s Edge magazine. Ewell specializes in market intelligence and research, AI technology, videography, graphic design and writing. An Eagle

Rob Boyce
Leader's Edge Magazine | Mar. 3, 2017 202.662.4305 Rob Boyce is a director of business development. He administers, coordinates and writes the three Council Surveys: Property/Casualty Market Watch Survey, Cyber Market Watch Survey and the Employee

Brianne Spellane
Leader's Edge Magazine | Mar. 3, 2017 202.662.4303 Brianne Spellane is the associate managing editor of Leader’s Edge magazine. After joining The Council in 2010, she transitioned in 2019 to the organization’s award-winning industry publication. Spellane

Jacquetta Williams
Leader's Edge Magazine | Mar. 3, 2017 202.662.4308 Jacquetta Williams is the advertising account manager for Leader’s Edge. She manages in-house ad accounts and is responsible for coordinating and tracking advertising materials for the print and

Pat Wade
Leader's Edge Magazine | Mar. 3, 2017 202.662.4427 Pat Wade is business manager of Leader’s Edge. Her role is to manage the daily operations of the magazine with primary focus on the budget and financials, circulation

Sandy Laycox
Leader's Edge Magazine | Mar. 3, 2017 202.350.5868 Sandy Laycox is editor in chief of Leader’s Edge. Before joining The Council, she served as senior writer/editor for America’s Essential Hospitals, where she co-launched an award-winning digital